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Hoses & Fitting

When you partner with Al Estagamah Hose Division, you are partnering with more than 20 years of experience and innovative problem solving in the hose industry.

We Assemble, Weld, Test, Repair, Maintain & Certify flexible hoses & Fluid handling products. We have the right product & the best service for all your hose needs.

Our commitment is to our customers and is focused on quality and dedicated in providing the highest level of hose products and services. We deal with the best manufacturers, and we are confident that we can find the best solution for all your hose and flexible piping needs. Whether you are looking for uncoupled hose or hose assemblies coupled by our highly trained technicians, we cover your hose needs completely.

We supply to Oil companies, Oil Servicing Companies, Chemical & Petrochemical plants, Refineries, Ports, Drydocks, Drilling operators, Gas companies & a host of end users who need flexible hoses for their variable applications.

We custom build hose assemblies and sell fittings & accessories for the hoses we supply.

In addition to fabricating custom industrial and metal hose assemblies, we offer end connections sized between 1/8" to 14" in diameter to provide a leak-free connection.

It is all about safety. If it sounds like we are the right people for you, click below for more information on our wide assortment of hoses and end connections.


Abrasion Resistance Hoses

Our abrasion resistant hoses range are designed for applications that require high abrasion resistance, some of which also offer electrical earthing or are electrically conductive to ensure there is no static build-up in use.

Within our hose range we have products designed for the transfer of highly abrasive materials including, shot blast, concrete, silica sand, soda, cement, lime dosing and pebbles which have either a NR, SBR, PVC or Polyurethane Liner.

We also offer a range of flexible hoses manufactured and designed for the transfer of food stuffs, dust, powder, wood chips, granules, sand, gravel and glass.


Aviation & Marine Hoses

Aircraft refueling hoses, suitable for all aviation gasoline and jet fuels (JET-A1), anti-icings fluids and motor oils. Specified by almost all major oil companies. Kink resistant, antistatic, ozone and flame resistant, highly abrasion resistant and no fuel solubility.

Marine hoses for dock loading from ship-to-shore applications, fully complying with recognised international standards.

Marine bulk transfer hoses cover a broad range of mediums including oil, fuel, bulk material, potable water, liquid mud, sea water and methanol.


BOP Control Hose (with Fire Armor)

  • Parker Firearmor Rubber Hose - FA35 Certified to API 16D standards.
  • Available with SS external Armor.
  • Workshop & Technicians certified by Parker to assemble, test and certify BOP lines.
  • Available with NPT male / Integral one piece 602 Hammer Unions
  • Good inventory levels.
  • Complete Product Traceability.


Cementing/Bulk Hose

  • Parker RD 35 TC meets API 7K FSL2
  • Workshop & Technicians certified by Parker to assemble, test and certify BOP lines.
  • WP 5k / TP 10k / BP 20k.
  • High Abrasion Resistant
  • Available with NPT male / Integral one piece 1502 Hammer Unions
  • Good inventory levels.
  • Complete Product Traceability.


Chemical Hoses

Chemical hoses are intended for liquid chemicals both organic and inorganic (acids and bases, salt solutions, hydrocarbons, paints and varnishes, solvents, etc.) They are used for the transfer of chemicals in chemical processing, transfer and loading/unloading of liquid chemicals (e.g. tank trucks, rail tankers, IBC containers), for diverse technological processes for numerous industries. The inner hose layer must be sufficiently resistant to chemical corrosion.

Inner layers made of various liners like UPE, UHMWPE, EPDM, XLPE.... Available in various sizes, steel helix wire reinforcements and having EN norms.

Common applications include:

  • Transfer of acids, chemicals, solvents, and petroleum products
  • Loading and unloading, pumping, suction, or gravity flow discharge
  • Suction and discharge of chemicals, and solvents
  • In-plant transfer of chemicals, alcohols, acids and petroleum
  • Spray pesticides, fertilizers and paint

Composite Hoses

Composite hoses are used in all types of applications. The primary reasons for its popularity and use are Flexibility, Safety & Chemical resistance. These hoses are reinforced offering strength, light weight, flexibility and versatility for variations in pressure, temperature and product conveyance compatibility.

The wide range of composite hoses covers a variety of liquid transportation- from water to chemicals, vapor recovery and from mineral oils to acids. The strong, light weight construction and flexibility make the hoses easy to handle.

Also, widely used for Ship-to-ship and Ship-to-shore transfers. The operations in this area are a combination of maritime environmental conditions as well as the rough handling conditions typically found at terminals.

Our range of composite hoses of different types range from 1" to 10".

Common applications include:

  • General chemicals
  • Aggressive chemicals & acids
  • Oils, hydrocarbons, solvents, biofuels & aromatics
  • Liquified gas
  • Vapor recovery


Expansion Joints / Bellows

Bellows and expansion joints help to alleviate stress in systems by absorbing vibration, noise, thermal expansion, compression, lateral and angular movements in the pipework. A full range is available for many applications including water, steam, oil and chemicals. Expansion joints are available in many different shapes, sizes and materials. We offer both pre-engineered expansion joints and custom-designed expansion joints by leveraging our expertise.

We provide SS, Nickel alloy and Rubber joints ranging from 1" to 24".


Food & Beverage Hoses

In the food service industry, quality and safety is more important than ever, especially when there's a high risk for contamination. With a reputation for quality, durability and ease of use, our hoses are the go-to solution for food and beverage transfer. We provide high quality FDA approved hoses.

Very flexible and abrasion resistant. When the hose is bended, the inside is smooth which leads to a supple passage of the medium. Also, we have food grade hoses for other media under extreme abrasion conditions, for example granules. Some of the hoses have anti-static property when connected the static wires at the end.
Common applications include:

  • Suction and discharge (S & D) of dairy food products, milk, fatty products, fruit juice, sugar, milk powder, vegetable oil, beverages, potable water, and bulk abrasive material for food industry
  • For food and beverage dispensing; and spraying and conveying fertilizer and pesticides
  • Washdown (CIP) food processing facilities & equipment.

Gas Hoses

Gas Hoses will be required by all Companies who are in the business of storage, filling and distribution of Industrial Gases such as Argon / Nitrogen / Carbon Dioxide / Oxygen / Hydrogen / Helium and a host of specialty gases.

Common applications include:

  • Gas Cylinder filling
  • Pallet filling
  • Rack filling.


Hi Pressure Drilling Hose (Black Eagle)

  • Black Eagle hose is one of the most versatile hose for the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Special Polyamide 11 liner with Thermoplastic Polyurethane Cover with color guard early warning feature to indicate outer abrasion
  • Suitable for HCL(15% max. conc), Cementing, Nitrogen pumping, Methanol Injection, Well Stimulation etc.
  • Certified to API 17J / 7k standards
  • Workshop and Technicians certified by Parker
  • WP 10K /TP 15K / BP 25K
  • Available in long lengths and TPU is 15 times more abrasion resistant than rubber
  • Full Product Traceability


High Pressure Hoses

These range of Hoses are developed for High and Ultra High-Pressure applications, combining excellent handling and long service life with superior safety standards. For working pressure up to 2800 bar. Ultra-high-pressure hose can be used for numerous applications and can either be made of rubber or thermoplastic. Polyamide & polyurethane core tube, high strength wire reinforced and a tough cover for light weight, good flexibility and abrasion resistance. We also provide various fittings based on customer requirements.


  • Rated 2,000 PSI - 40,600 PSI
  • Hose ID Ranges Between ⅛" to 1"
  • Temperature range up to 70 c
  • Abrasion Resistant Cover
  • Safety Factor of 4: 1
  • Tailor made end fittings

Common applications include:
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Tube cleaning
  • Surface preparation and paint removal
  • Hydro demolition
  • Ships, tanks, and vessel cleaning
  • Waterblast supply hose
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Testing applications


Hose Fittings

Hose fittings refer to the end connection of a hose and how it is attached. We are your single source for high-quality fittings starting from NPT, JIC, Ferrules, Camlocks, Couplings, Adaptors, reducers, dry break couplings made from Brass, SS, CS and aluminum. We serve customers in a broad range of markets, including Agriculture, Bulk Chemical Handling, Construction Machinery, Food & Beverage, Fuel & Gas Delivery, Industrial Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Mobile, Oil & Gas, Drilling and Transportation. Proper selection should be made to accommodate working pressures, vacuum and the external environment they are exposed to. Al Estagamah stocks a wide assortment of most types of Industrial hose fittings, as well as the necessary clamps and ferrules to attach them. If you have any industrial hose fittings problems that you require assistance with, please call one of sales staff, and they would be glad to assist.


Hydraulic Hoses

A hydraulic hose is specifically designed to convey hydraulic fluid to or among hydraulic components, valves, actuators, and tools. It is typically flexible, often reinforced, and usually constructed with several layers of reinforcement since hydraulic systems frequently operate at high or very high pressures. Hydraulic general-purpose hose assemblies feature a rugged synthetic rubber cover that helps provide long-lasting durability, the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, and maximum operating pressures. Dimensions, performance specifications, construction options, and features are important parameters to consider when searching for hydraulic hose. We offer sizes from ¼" to 2".

We have hydraulic high-pressure and medium-pressure hose assemblies suitable for use in general-purpose and industrial applications. Select from thermoplastic and synthetic rubber hydraulic hoses with maximum operating pressures, in a variety of diameters and hose lengths to meet your needs.


Lay flat Hoses

Our lay-flat hoses are world class and suitable for high volume and high pressure, retrievable and permanent fluid discharge, whether for emergency response, cooling systems on- or off -shore, mine dewatering, fracturing or other applications. Used for decades in various sectors like firefighting, agriculture, construction and industry, the lay-flat hoses offer a flexible, mobile, easy to handle alternative to rigid piping - providing a cost saving and environmentally friendly solution.

Lay flat hoses are used to transfer hose to transfer fresh water or produced water, liquid manure, industrial sludges & slurries, contaminated liquids, fertilizers, oils, medium and heavy hydrocarbons, diesel fuels & many chemicals in solution.

Suitable for use and recommended for INDUSTRIAL and AGRICULTURE applications in:

  • Cleaning of Industrial Plants Water operations "Bypass"
  • Compressed air
  • Fire protection in mining (MSHA) Relining
  • Refineries and Petro-Chemical
  • Applications for water discharge
  • Transfer of Water, Liquid
  • Manure and Sludges
  • Dewatering
  • Irrigation
  • Mining
  • Emergency Repairs & Water Supplies
  • Refueling
  • Temporary Installations & Bypasses

Made in TPU and Rubber.

Sizes from 1" till 8" and with a continuous length of 200 mtr/roll.


Loading arms

We offer the best and almost complete line of loading arm systems and loading-rack equipment for todays bulk loading and unloading requirements. Loading arms continue to provide an efficient and cost-effective method to load and unload in many situations. Loading arm systems allow the transfer of gas or liquefied gas from one tank to another through a pipe system. When transferring gas, you will need both a bottom and top loading arm. Whether the application involves tank trucks, railcars, drums or totes, and the moving of petroleum products, liquefied gases, asphalt, solvents or hazardous/corrosive chemicals.

Special top loading arm designs can also be supplied with a wide range of valves, fittings, and instrumentation equipment.


Oil & Petrol Hoses

Petroleum hoses are designed to transfer petroleum products i.e. liquid products of petroleum refining process (fuels and oils mainly) but also crude oil and semi-processed petroleum products. Petrochemical products comprise a vast range of products: crude oil, petrol, kerosene, heating oil, diesel oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, hardening oil, machining oils and emulsions, honing oil, thermal oil (heat transfer oil), transformer oil, various types of solvents, maintenance oil, asphalt and asphalt emulsions, other liquid bituminous substances.

The hoses and hose assemblies are used for the extraction and processing of petroleum, transfer, loading and unloading of liquid petroleum products (e.g. oil tankers in ports, tank trucks, rail tankers), oils and fuels distribution as well as refuelling (e.g. petrol pump hoses, heating oil delivery hoses), technological processes in industry, vehicle fuel systems, hydraulic installations, etc.

When selecting the hose, consider the following: its resistance to the specific content of aromatic hydrocarbons in fuel, resistance to special modern fuel additives and oil additives (unleaded fuel, biodegradable fuel, transformer oils) and any special requirements concerning the protection against static charges build-up (copper wire, antistatic rubber, conductive rubber), especially in potentially explosive zones.


PTFE Hoses

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commercially called teflon, is a fluoropolymer of unique properties which is widely used in various products and branches of industry.

Basic properties of PTFE as hose material:

  • excellent chemical resistance to almost all chemicals
  • wide working temperature range (from -70°C to +260°C as a standard)
  • excellent resistance to ageing and weather conditions
  • self-cleaning properties - non-stick surface.

Hoses are manufactured not only from PTFE but also from other similar fluoropolymers, such as FEP, PFA, MFA, ETFE, ECTFE. They feature better mechanical resistance and different processing properties.

Nowadays, hoses made of PTFE and similar fluoropolymers are used in all sectors of the industry e.g. for steam, hot oil, fuel, paint, adhesives, high pressure gas transfer. In the chemical industry, they are used for loading and unloading of acids, bases, organic solvents and very aggressive chemicals. PTFE hose assemblies ensure highly hygienic transfer and perfectly suit food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.


PVC Hoses

We carry a vast selection of PVC hose and PVC tubing that provide excellent resistance against abrasion, wear, corrosion and chemical. Polyvinyl chloride is known as PVC which is a thermoplastic polymer which has replaced rubber in many applications. PVC contains less petroleum than most polymers and is lighter and less expensive than rubber due to the hose being made from PVC material.

  • Applications
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Air ducting
  • Liquid transfer
  • Food/Beverage processing
  • Low temperatures
The special construction of PVC hose features steel wired or braided reinforcement, which offer great stability for general industrial and mechanical applications while including insulation and protection with the coverings and sleeving.


Rotary Vibrator & Jumper Hoses

  • API monogramed 7K.
  • With safety clamps
  • Workshop & Technicians certified by Dunlop for testing and inspection
  • Available with NPT male / Integral one piece Good inventory levels.
  • Complete Product Traceability.


Cryogenic Hoses

  • SS convoluted Hose Grade AISI 321 with double braid
  • Size: 1 ½" & 2 ½"
  • Application: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Pressure:
  • NIT End fittings
  • High flexibility, high working pressure, suitable for areas of high vibration
  • Double layers of SS braids (Grade 304) prevents elongation of the convoluted hose and increases/maintains the WP of the hose


Stainless Steel Hoses

Our stainless-steel braided hose assemblies are the most superior range of flexible metal hoses on the global market. The assemblies can be made in 304, 316, 316L, 321 and exotic materials such as Monel.

Our facility offers a broad range of corrugated inner core diameters and designs, multi braiding capabilities, and engineered assembly expertise to meet various applications. The corrugated hoses have self-draining helical design, or a more robust and flexible annular design, available with a ¼" diameter (6mm) and larger.

These metallic hoses are braided to give strength when the hose is pressurized and to provide a solid protective cover during use. Typical materials such as 316L and 321 stainless steel can withstand extreme variations in temperature, from cryogenic up to 1500°F (815°C). Multiple braid layers can increase working pressure as well as with corrugation shape, profile, wall thickness and material type. With differing engineering techniques involved and excellent burst strength-to-wall thickness ratio, these hoses are relatively lightweight compared to equivalent non-metallic hose alternatives in the market.

We offer assembly services to fit your custom specifications - simply contact us.


Suction & Delivery Hose

Suction & Delivery Hose is essential for heavy duty applications, from standard PVC slurry hose to ultra-abrasion-resistant SBR hose. This hose is commonly used for suction and transportation of air, fumes, liquids cement, dry plaster, cattle food and abrasive materials. Also, we supply food grade abrasion resistant hoses to cater to food industry. Designed to operate under severe working conditions, this hose is tough, flexible and extremely durable under normal operating conditions. It has outstanding resistance to the effects of weather and also equipped with steel helix or PVC spiral and static wire.

We also offer fitted hose assembles with a wide variety of couplings and clamping options to suit your requirements.


Transparent Hoses

Our extremely tough and flexible nontoxic transparent & semitransparent PVC hose, allowing easy identification of blockages. UV compounded to maintain clarity. Excellent resistance to pressure, vacuum, abrasion and accidental crushing with accurate pitch and placement of high tensile carbon steel helix preventing bulging and bursting. Highly flexible over a wide temperature range. Smooth bore reduces flow loss.

Transparent hose range for Food, Oil & abrasive materials.


Utility Hoses

We supply a range of utility hoses for the onshore and offshore industries including air hoses, nitrogen hoses, water hoses, multi-purpose hoses and steam hoses in various sizes, all of which are designed to withstand the harshest environments.