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Industrial Automation

We  address the growing automation needs of various industries in the Power, Water and Oil segments and offer total solutions with core competence in Electrical, Instrumentation and Control systems.

 We collaborate with leading manufacturers of original equipment to provide state-of-the-art products & services with great focus on emerging markets.

 we understand the regional challenges and market dynamics better, thereby offering solutions that are apt, flexible, scalable and secure. Strong partner networks ensure continuity of service and adoption of new technologies.

 Our team of experienced professionals with domain knowledge in Electrical, Water, and Oil & Gas applications are committed to delivering quality products & services on time and meeting our customers requirements.

 Our approach to engineering solutions lies in offering a range of services ranging from application engineering to on-site implementation, followed by O&M services for automation and instrumentation platforms. 


Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Energy Monitoring/Management System (EMS), Power Monitoring system & Fault Analysis, Transformer Monitoring, Battery Monitoring, Remote Operation through HMI, DESKTOP, WEB & MOBILE ENVIRONMENT, CLOUD SOLUTION, ADVANCED REPORTING & ANALYSING, REALTIME VISUALISATION AND MONITORING, ALARM AND EVENT MANAGEMENT.


GATEWAY/ DATA Concentrator

GEs Multilin™ D400 is a secure, substation-hardened gateway that collects metering, status, event, and fault report data from serial or LAN based Intelligent substation devices. The D400 summarizes data from the substation devices and makes it available locally/remotely through a standard secure web browser (HTTPS). The D400 is built on a flexible, high performance, expandable diskless and fan-less platform that is powered by a 1.0Ghz processor.


Real Time HMI

HMIs Database Creation and Screens Development for Real Time SCADA Software which can be used in Power and Oil & Gas; from plant DCS to Load Dispatch Centers. Real Time, OPC Connection, On Board Data Importer (FTP, CSV etc) & Database Integration ( ODBC , ERP, XML etc)



The D20 and D200 line of products are intelligent, industrial grade control devices targeted for automation and control of electrical substations and are designed and hardened to operate in the harsh industrial environment. Works on Distributed Processing Philosophy, D.20 High Speed Communications Link, Multiple Serial Channels, Database Stored in Non-Volatile RAM, Supports up to 15000 SOE points, Millisecond Time Stamping, Direct Communication with Protection Relays, Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities using WESMAINT


Energy Efficiency Solutions

Industrial Real Time Process Optimization Services through OPTIBAT for various process and manufacturing industries; Aluminum / cement, Steel, HVAC etc. Overall goals achieved are Process optimization, Energy efficiency improvement, Energy cost reduction, Improved availability, Improved quality and process. Ensures accurate measurements of energy savings, Manages energy consumption across facility through single monitoring system, Supports proactive maintenance and enhances life of energy assets, Value is tangible from time zero - Savings and efficiency gains are shown in real time & Minimal customer resources are required


Power Quality & Monitoring For Power Utilities & Industries

An easy-to-use and cost effective, state of the art, multi-time frame (simultaneous) power system monitoring recorder. This integrated Unit will be used to capture short, mid and long-term Transients. The TESLA creates records simultaneously in three-time domains - fault (fast), dynamic swing (slow) and trend records and also creates event logs. With the powerful recording and communication capabilities, the TESLA recording systems provide the most versatile and complete monitoring of power system health. Advanced communication protocols including IEC 61850, SCADA support with enhanced DNP3 and Modbus, CDR meets NERC PRC-002 DME standards, PMU per IEEE C37.118-2005 standard provides information for wide area monitoring (WAMS) and analysis, Streams 36 Phasors 12 analog quantities and 64 digital statuses simultaneously.


ARC Detection System

Detection of the arc in its development phase by means of light sensitive detectors and fast disconnection by Circuit Breakers.




Instrumentation Cables

All cables are RoHS compliant : Building Wire; Category Cable; Electronic Cable; Building Control Cable; Photovoltaic CSA Cables; Industrial CSA Cable; Control & Instrumentation Cable; Speciality Cable; Coaxial Cable; Equipment & Component Wire; PVC Round Flexible Cord; Irrigation & Pump Cable & Automotive Wire


MCBs , Terminal Blocks & LV power supplies



Modems for SCADA environment applications; Point-to-point or multi-drop applications ; Standalone (or) Rackmount options


Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a viable alternative to the conventional energy sources, as it gives off no carbon dioxide waste and uses the natural energy. We offer best quality products at best price to give long-lasting financial benefits when using solar energy for electricity, heating, cooling and lighting.


Specialized Services

Integration of various IEDs to DCS / RTU etc. and Commissioning of Automation panels; Commissioning and startup of transmission & distribution plants for the utility, industrial and petrochemical industries; Operation & Maintenance of Automation systems; Replacement of Old systems with New Systems; Expansion of Existing systems; Testing and commissioning for new and reinforcement / Retrofit projects; Testing and Commissioning for Plant Instrumentation and Control Systems & Tailor made solutions as per client requirements.