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Aluminium Finishing

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Aluminum Finishing for the Architectural and Construction Industries

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Aluminium pretreatment and anodizing with Chemetall products will give you perfect surfaces. Excellent adhesion and durable corrosion performance are achieved with Chemetalls approved products and customized processes. A complete product portfolio is available for all types of aluminium finishing applications, e.g. prior to paint, wet paint, and powder-paint processes. The Gardobond® X product family and Oxsilan® AL 0510 combine eco-friendly properties (chrome-free, heavy-metal-free) to process advantages (e.g. multi-metal applications).
With Chemetall we can offer

  • Gardobond® X
  • Gardoclean®
  • Gardo® Seal
  • Oxsilan® AL

Following are the salient features

  • Prior-to-paint, wet paint, powder-paint applications
  • Eco-friendly products (chrome-free, borate-free, heavy-metal-free)
  • Multi-metal solutions
  • One-stop supplier
  • Years of experience
  • Global presence, local support
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