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    We offer a compressive service package of flowline iron recertification for drilling and workover rigs that includes iron refurbishment, recertification of high-pressure manifold/unit recertification and periodic maintenance of the entire flowline and high-pressure lines. We stock an array of inventory, repair parts, machinery and replacement parts. Our experienced technicians and QC in-charge work round the clock in order to ensure quick turn-around and handle complex and timebound customer needs.



    ·        On-site inspection, commissioning, testing, repair and certification

    ·        Repair and overhaul of hydraulic systems, pumps, valves and other ancillary items

    ·        In-house manufacturing of manifolds

    ·        Rental programs

    ·        Repair and maintenance of all brands of flowline products

    ·        Modifications to suit on-site requirements

    ·        Assistance during commissioning, installation & maintenance

    ·        New product recommendation and sales from the inventory in the event of failure


    Our program ensures strict industry compliance with total traceability that includes complete documentation and certification for wall thickness measurements, M.P.I. measurements, pressure charts, etc.



    ·        One stop service provider for asset integrity, preventive maintenance, annual inspection and recertification.

    ·        Quick turnaround is possible with scalable and flexible approach

    ·        On-site tests, inspection and recertification can be done if requested.

    ·        Increased equipment life, efficiency, safety and reliability

    ·        Reliable OEM parts

    ·        Stock management for customers

    ·        Downtime reduction

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