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Household Appliances

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Chemetall as a surface treatment specialist, we are considered a strong and innovative partner in the field of household appliances. With our new eco-friendly processes and our global presence, we meet your demands for local support with top-quality and efficient treatment processes. With Chemetall we can offer the following Technology Portfolio

  • Gardacid® cleaners
  • Gardobond® conversion coating
  • Gardoclean® cleaners
  • Gardocool® coolants
  • Gardofloc® paint detackification
  • Gardolene® activation and passivation agents
  • Gardostrip® paint strippers
  • Maintenance chemicals
  • Oxsilan® eco-friendly, multi-metal thin-film technology

Following are the salient features

  • Broad portfolio of eco-friendly, nickel-free and chrome-free processes
  • Well-known brand manufacturers worldwide trust in our high-quality processes
  • Global key account for global customers
  • Expertise combined with comprehensive technical support services
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