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Your safety is always our first concern. The life of a hose assembly can be extremely demanding and as such, it is important to have a periodic testing schedule for hose assemblies that are being used for long periods of time, or under the most demanding conditions.  Hose failure is dangerous, even deadly we help provide a way to protect our customers from harm and failure-related damages by being able to test hoses either in the field or at one of our locations.   We can even recommend testing schedules based on the application and the hose selected. It is of great importance that the hoses are tested and certified periodically.

We do preventive maintenance, testing, recertifying, and tagging of hoses. 

  • On-site testing & recertification.
  • In house testing & recertification
  • High-pressure hose testing up to 60,000 psi
  • Drilling Hose Recertification
  • Hydro testing, certifying, and tagging.
  • Mobile Van Services
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